How Long Will My Repairs Take?


Auto Repair Information

Dear Valued Customer,

Your vehicle will receive a free safety inspection while in our care as part of our free service to you. This is done to make sure we find any safety issues and find any potential service-related problems. In most circumstances, a Certified Technician will complete this service, which usually lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Any discoveries will be noted in your file and discussed with you. This free service enables us to help you manage the maintenance of your automobile and maintain both your and other drivers’ safety. A test drive will also be a part of this examination, both before and after any work is done. Simple oil changes and any other service the customer brings their car to us for is covered by this service. Although we thoroughly inspect your car, the conditions are only recorded as they were at the time of the examination, and we are unable to forecast demands that have not yet been demonstrated. Before the service begins, if you would prefer not to receive this free evaluation, please let us know. We will then omit this service and note your preference.

Customers who need a diagnostic assessment

and estimate before any repairs are made should expect to wait an average of 1 1/2 to 2 hours from the time your vehicle is dispatched to one of our Certified Technicians until the problem has been assessed and an estimate has been prepared. If we are conducting in-depth diagnostics or assessing various concerns, this period of time can be prolonged.

Our team will finish the service repair paperwork once repairs to your car are finished and the technician has quality certified the job. Depending on the size of the repairs, this process can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Once the paperwork is finished, you’ll be informed right away that your car is finished.

happy mechanic
Chase Zembower Mechanic fixing Vehicle Engine

We provide a waiting space for your convenience

if you need to wait while your car is being serviced. A technician not at your vehicle does not necessarily mean that it is not being serviced; the technician could be completing the necessary paperwork or conducting a technical evaluation in our lab area. Waiting for your vehicle will not make the service go faster or more quickly. Constantly asking our service writers or technicians questions can disrupt the planned flow of our work and delay or lengthen services. My staff will keep track of your service schedule and update you as needed on the progress of your service.

We appreciate you letting us work on your car.

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